We are an international economic group with an extensive experience in the fields of Agriculture and Industry, International Trade and Renewable Energies.

We have been expanding continuously, reaching 4 out of 6 continents through our offices in 5 different cities: Luanda, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Dubai and Lisbon.


We have the knowledge, structure and experience to ensure professionalism and transparency in our management processes. Furthermore, our company has specializing in the production of commodities for the agro-industry and in the development of cotton, corn, soy, bean, rice and wheat production, among other services provided for leading companies.

ALCAAL AGROPECUARIA combines a multidisciplinary approach with in-depth and practical knowledge of industry and agriculture to help clients overcame challenges and face opportunities.

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Alcaal Agroindustria LDA, company established under Angolan law, is a consulting division of the Alcaal Group.

Alcaal Agroindustria LDA has a highly experienced consultancy team, with an extensive background both internationally and locally, as well as a group of associated consultants for specific projects, forming a heterogeneous team of high performance.


We are a successful organization, made of capable and committed professionals, with proven international and local experience, built over 30 years, in different areas, with high standards of execution, following the best market practices in terms of work presented and implemented.

Our work is characterized by quality and innovation in processes and procedures, always presenting coherent, concrete, executable and competent solutions for each project and client.

We believe that with work, methodology, commitment, and competence we can guarantee good performance.

In each project we develop, we always aim to transfer knowledge to the client.

We have a strong background in consultancy as well as execution, which gives us a great advantage compared to a standard consultancy business.

Our vision is to be the best company operating in Angola in the field of consultancy, especially in the Agroindustry segment where Alcaal Group has high expertise.


Our values ​​and believes are based on the following key factors:

  • Commitment
  • Working together, as a group, with an excellent relationship, in an open and transparent manner
  • Communicating well and clearly
  • With technical and leadership expertise
  • Thinking about innovation and the future – we create change
  • Ambition – We do not add, we multiply!
  • Happiness


Service areas / Scope of action

Viability studies

  • Local resources
  • Regional production
  • Logistics
  • Energy requirements
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Economic and financial assessments
  • Production cost analysis
  • Investment analysis


  • Conceptual engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Specialized architecture

Construction supervision and management

  • Programming
  • Factory inspections
  • Technical assistance
  • Information systems
  • Technical and administrative control


  • Suppliers’ selection
  • Analysis of offers and contracts
  • Purchasing and provisions
  • Turnkey Projects


TEXTANG II is the most important player in the history and product diversification of the textile sector in Angola, relying on the production of high-quality fabrics developed through natural and synthetic fibres. Our expertise is on cotton and its combination with Polyester.

With an industrial area of 110.000 m2, Textang II has a production capacity of up to 10.000.000 meters of fabric per year.

TEXTANG II is vertically integrates the areas of I&D, Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Printing and Textile Finishing, ensuring high production flexibility and control of the entire value chain in the industrial process, to respect and provide to its customers quality, best price and delivery times.


Currently the forestry project has more than 30,000 ha., distributed in 3 concessions in the provinces of Huambo and Bié. The Industrial Zone of Mangunja in the municipality of Caala (Huambo), the Industrial Zone of Chicala in the municipality of Chicala Choloanga (Huambo) and the Industrial Zone of Ceilunga in the municipality of Cuito (Bié).

The main forest species in our concessions are Eucaliptus Grandis, Eucaliptus Saligna, Eucaliptus Dunni and Eucaliptus Cloeziana, reaching among these 4 species a volume greater than 90% of the total forest, the remaining area being made up of Pinus Patula and Cupressus Sempervivens (Cedro).