Family Business

We are a successful organization, composed by capable and committed people, with high management execution standards, which tries to do better every day, for the benefit of all those around us.

Angolan company

We want to be part of Angola’s present and future, in a committed and professional manner, providing solutions for food, clothing and energy matters, always trying to build a better future for everyone.

Committed to quality and innovation

We create and work on products and solutions of indisputable quality, looking for innovating in processes, based on the demand, oriented to consumers, clients and the corresponding trends.

Be a better company, better people and professionals

A better world can be built if we do things in a better way every day, with work, commitment and expertise, always trying to excel ourselves.

We have been expanding continuously, reaching 4 out of 6 continents through our offices in 5 different cities:

Luanda, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Dubai and Lisbon.